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b-cause.,Inc. Tokyo, Japan
Sep 18, 2019
Full time
Employment Type: Full-time employee Work Station: Tokyo, Japan Nearest station: Shinjuku Working hours: 09:00-18:00 Specific work content: Telemarketing team training (English)  Specifically · Planning and implementation of operator training menus · Training for new operators entering the company , · Transmission of knowledge of Web advertisements to operators (product understanding) · planning and execution of sales strategies Required conditions: Language: Japanese: Business level, English: Native level · Web industry experience (web marketing) , · Web advertising sales experience, subordinates and junior development experience Welcome condition: · Telesales industry experience · Subordinate training experience in corporate sales · Administrator experience in call center industry · Target value management, operator development, problem discovery / improvement, client report, etc. Estimated annual income: More than 6 million yen Salary Increase: Once a year Bonus: Twice a year Overtime pay: yes Holiday: [Annual holiday days: 129 days] 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday) Welfare: · Performance savings · Childcare support system · Retirement allowance system · Defined contribution type pension system · Unpaid funding system for annual paid leave · Group companies and affiliated companies will participate in overall training Other Benefits: Insurance: Full social insurance Commuting means: Public institutions only (train, bus) Transportation expenses: Up to 150,000 yen per month Application method: Please send your updated English & Japanese resume at:
b-cause.,Inc. Okinawa, Japan
Sep 18, 2019
Full time
Employment Type: Full-time Head office address: Okinawa Prefecture Working hours: 08:00 to 17:00 Flextime: Shift system (7.75 hours working) Specific work content: ·  It is a front desk job at the resort hotel.  ·  Guidance of customer's car, pick-up and drop-off (no valet service)  ·  Luggage storage for guest arriving on arrival and guidance to guest room Check-in, check-out  ·  Reservation service such as telephone and e-mail, information on the inside and outside of the hall,         and inquiries. Application condition: [Prerequisite] Language proficiency: · English: Business level · Japanese: Business level Annual Salary: 3.3 million yen Retirement allowance:  3 years or more. Salary increase & annual bonus may be paid according to performance Overtime pay: Yes Salary Increase: Once a year Bonus: Other Holiday: Annual paid leave due to shift (10 days from the first year to 20 days maximum), Keio leave. Welfare:   Dormitory with furniture and home appliances (private room) equipped (private room: monthly 15,000 + common expenses)    child care and nursing care leave system  canteen    of qualification examination fee subsidies    culture and exercise club activities Grant-in-Aid Core Benefits: o   Insurance: Complete social insurance (employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare) o   Company housing: Single dormitory available o   Visa support  Other Benefits: Transportation expenses: Commuting transportation expenses (upper month 24,500 yen), ·overtime allowance, late night allowance Application method: Please send your updated English & Japanese resume at:
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